Common Characteristics of Winning Teams: The 4 C’s of Winning Teams

Communicate:  Never assume they get it.  We as leaders must go where they are.  Our world is their world.  Ask plenty of questions, practice active listening. Create:  Must be intentional about a growth environment.  The environment is growing when people are: Challenged Atmosphere is affirming Comfortable with being out of their comfort zone Growth is modeled and expected Forward thinking Desiring positive change Collaborate:  Add value to one another. Three charateristics of collaboration: Like one another Work hard for each other Trust each other Celebrate:  Celebrate the wins.  The common theme is one another.   Together Everyone Achieves More

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A good question to ask ourselves from time to time is: Am I truly an authentic leader? Do others see me under the filter of authenticity? I am learning authenticity begins with living out our values. What we truly care about, (not just talk about) and live by that code daily is the beginning of being an authentic leader. I believe our people deserve a leader who is true to what matters most. In addition, pursuing our purpose is another demonstration of being an authentic leader. Most of us have mission statements and purpose statements and in fact, they are likely in writing and prominently displayed. A reminder for us all is to live out our values. In the end, [...]

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