Leading author and consultant, Ken Blanchard states “people already have power through their knowledge and motivation. The key to empowerment is letting this power out.” So what is empowerment? It is the process of unleashing the power in people- their knowledge, experience, motivation, and focusing that power to achieve the positive outcomes for the organization. As leaders, we should be striving to create a culture of empowerment. To do so, we may need to scrub some traditions, habits and even language. For example, instead of dictating tasks to do – see yourself as a coach- a partner in unleashing their skill and our knowledge. How about changing the word planning to visioning. Visioning suggests a more inclusive approach. Instead of [...]

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I have learned one of the strongest human needs is for others to listen to us. We all need people to listen to what we say, we have a need to be heard, a need to be valued. Sometimes we need to listen more than just the words. People don’t always say with words what they’re really attempting to say. Their actual words and what they’re trying to communicate are not always synonymous. Dr. Albert Mehrabian of UCLH said it years ago in his report called “Communication Effectiveness.” He said that communication effectiveness depends: 7% on the words we say 38% on the tone of voice 55% on the non-verbal Although the study was years ago, seems it is still [...]

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