Serve and lead — really?

As you may be aware, there are volumes written on the topic of being a servant leader. Perhaps one of the first works came from Robert Greenleaf's book "Servant Leadership: a journey into the nature of legitimate power and greatness." I must confess for quite a while when I thought about servanthood, I had a vision of an activity performed by a relatively low-skilled person. My "old school mindset" assumed that if we serve, people will have a lesser view of us. Over the years I have come to learn that couldn't be further from the truth. To prove the point, think about a mother. They naturally serve their family members. Mother's are typically the one person in our life [...]

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What your people expect from their leader.

As you well know, one of our responsibilities as a leader is to create expectations for our team members. Failure to do so may cause a number of issues and consequences. However, I have a challenge for you, how about role reversal? That is, "what do your people expect from you?" They may not express to you outright, but the following are what I have learned people expect from their leader: To communicate openly, honestly, and frequently To be predictable and consistent To have a plan for their growth To exhibit self-confidence balanced with humility To encourage them (remember, you need to be the Chief Encouragement Officer:CEO) To challenge them To let them know how they are doing To always [...]

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On Purpose

Last week I quoted George Washington Carver and shared the impact his quote can have on you as a leader. Today allow me to briefly share some of the benefits of having a clearly defined intentional purpose for your world. I'm sure there are many more, here are some I have experienced. PURPOSE will serve as a motivator. When your purpose is visceral you are compelled to honor it. PURPOSE is ALWAYS about others. It is about your impact, and your influence in another person's life. Never about you. PURPOSE will serve as your GPS. It will help you keep your priorities straight and keep you on the right path. PURPOSE will help you grow and develop. As you live out your purpose you continually learn [...]

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Your distinct and legitimate reasons. 

A number of years ago I read a quote from George Washington Carver that had a profound impact on me.  He said, "No individual has any right to come into the world and go out without leaving behind his/her distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it." So the question is: are we just passing through or are we being intentional and on purpose. What is your why? Author Simon Sinek wrote a bestseller titled, "Start with Why." The business world terminology is "mission statement," and the religious and spiritual world refers to it as "Your calling." Whichever term you select, I ask you this: do you have one? Do you have something that is clear and meaningful to you? Some [...]

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Make the other person feel “felt.” 

Over the years I have learned a powerful truth I would like to share with you. Inside every person, regardless of importance, fame, or future is a real person who needs to feel "felt." As leaders, when we satisfy that need we are well on our way to connecting in meaningful ways. Making someone feel "felt" simply means putting yourself in the other person's shoes. I know that is so basic, well folks, it is sticking to the basics that usually wins championships and grows businesses. So many times in our busy day-to-day lives we are too fragmented to take the time to connect and make them feel "felt." Psychologists refer to a concept called mirror neurons. This when you [...]

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